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Software Vulnerability Manager Knowledge Base

Software Vulnerability Manager Knowledge Base

Apache Tomcat does not appear in the scan results

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Summary When Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM) scans a device, which has Apache Tomcat webserver installed, the scan results do not show Tomcat to be installed on that device. Diagnosis Software Vulnerability Manager looks for exe, dll and ocx bi...
by Flexera kmantagi Flexera

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 21.001.20135 - Error 1722

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Summary In certain instances an installation issue has been identified when updating Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to version 21.001.20135 using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager deployment package. Diagnosis: Product installation log:Product...
by Flexera arodziewicz Flexera

How to manually upgrade the Software Vulnerability Manager On-Premises Linux box/CentOS SVM Virtual Applicance from php 7.2 to php 7.3

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Summary: The current SVM on-premise version doesn't support the PHP 7.3, since PHP 7.2 has already been EOL in November 2020. This article will help our SVM on-premise customer to upgrade the PHP 7.2 version to PHP 7.3.Steps : Prerequisite: you n...
by Flexera raslam Flexera

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