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SVM Integration with WSUS API Explained

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Question: What are the correct requirements to integrate SVM 2019 to WSUS for publishing third-party patches? Answer: This section of the guide guides you through the connection properties and requirements of the connection and overall integration...
by Flexera RDanailov Flexera

DNS changes for on May 24

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All on prem customers who are currently whitelisting will need to whitelist DiscussionFlexera will be rolling out DNS updates to move from HSK to AWS on May 24th. The IP address is fo...
by Community Manager KPBussey Community Manager

Advanced SVM 2019 Agent Deployment Package Configurations

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The Agent Deployment package allows configuration of variety of agent installation options that can be used to customize the agent prior to deploying the package. The command line options of the agent can be set in the script that is provided at ste...
by Flexera RDanailov Flexera