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SVM On-Prem Backup Automation Tips

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The Software Vulnerability Manager backend server creates daily backups and it can often exhaust a lot of free disk space depending on how many hosts you are scanning regularly and how much account data there is. The function you learn in this artic...
by Community Manager RDanailov Community Manager

Managing SVM On-Prem Backups and Logs

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Summary We're frequently asked about how one might manage SVM On-Prem backup and log files. This article lays out one possible option. Question How should an on-premises CSI customer manage their backup and log files? Answer One option would be to ut...
by rkoch Pilgrim

Change SVM On-Prem Backup Directory

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Summary This article provides guidance on how to change the backup directory of your Software Vulnerability Manager On-Prem server to another location. The article also provides a workaround in the process of changing user ownership of the default ac...
by Flexera raslam Flexera