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SVM Linux Agent Logging & Configuration Settings

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Summary This quick tutorial teaches you to issue a log file with Single Host Agent for Red Hat 6/7 in the terminal. Debugging can provide great troubleshooting capabilities when it comes to solving a question or a task. SVM2018 provides you with a ...
by Community Manager RDanailov Community Manager

Linux Agent "curl 60" Certificate Errors [Resolved]

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Summary While running an ongoing terminal scan with the SVM Agent for Linux, the latter returns the following: "error while checking in with server (60) ... connection error"This error is related to the server SSL certificate which in this case had n...
by nhebrank Wanderer

Agent logging in command-line interface

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Summary This article explains the recommended steps to issue log files with the SVM Agent in the command-line interface of Windows, or Linux and Mac terminals. The SVM Agent supports great set of configuration parameters that make it integrate seamle...
by Community Manager rpachevurova Community Manager

Clean SVM's nsi_queue DB table [SVM On-Prem]

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Summary This article explains in detail how to remove the entries from the 'Software Vulnerability Manager Agent scan queue' to clear up disk space and for other reasons you might want that. Synopsis The SVM On-Prem solution uses a queue for handlin...
by atomra Pilgrim