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Scan selected SCCM Collections and Schedule It

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Summary This article explains the available options to configure scanning against SQL database maintained by the SCCM server and how to limit the amount of data being fetched by SVM from the server Synopsis New Software Vulnerability Management users...
by Community Manager RDanailov Community Manager

Track all SVM scans for a Client over time

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Summary Sometime you might encounter a failing scan of a particular host which you might need to track back in time to determine if the failures are sporadic, or permanent indicating a technical problem at this host. This article provides a quick tip...
by Community Manager RDanailov Community Manager

Configure file types collection for SVM Inventory Import

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Summary The Software Vulnerability Manager can scan the SQL database of active SCCM servers and acquire nicely the collected by the Software Inventory capability of CCM program data from each system. This program metadata is then being analyzed by SV...
by Community Manager rpachevurova Community Manager

Scan results not shown at Completed Scans [SVM On-Prem]

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Summary A binding table can get corrupt due to multiple reasons which will result in empty details in the completed scans and All hosts smart groups. You may have to truncate the table and scan your machines one again to repopulate the data. This art...
by Flexera wmahmood Flexera

SVM Offline scanning for missing Microsoft Updates (w/ CAB file)

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Summary In scenarios where SCCM is used to manage all updates on the network, the Windows Update Agent on local Clients ends up in a dead-end when it queries for Microsoft patches as it attempts to look for updates against the Software Update Point w...
by Community Manager RDanailov Community Manager