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Configure & Deploy Language-Based SPS Patches

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Summary The Flexera Software Package System that comes as a native part of the Software Vulnerability Manager allows customization of patches in specifically selected by the SVM administrator languages. When you wish to deploy a package in a diffe...
by Community Manager RDanailov Community Manager

SVM Integration with WSUS API Explained

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Question: What are the correct requirements to integrate SVM to WSUS for publishing third-party patches? Answer: This section guides you through the connection properties and requirements of the connection and overall integration of the Software V...
by Community Manager RDanailov Community Manager

Size limitations for WSUS Publishing

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Summary WSUS server has a maximum size limit and sometimes the update package may exceed the size limit if you try something drastic such as publishing the entire MS Office in a custom package through SVM. You shouldn't do that in general. This arti...
by Community Manager rpachevurova Community Manager

Obtain Local Admin rights for WSUS Publishing

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Summary Windows Server 2012 requires the publishing user to be a local administrator which causes a failure to sign error on users without this privilege. This article provides alternative methods to solve this problem. Symptoms You may find that som...
by rkoch Pilgrim

Moving WSUS Updates with WsusUtil.exe

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Summary Use this article to move the contents of WSUS if you need to validate the changes needed for SVM.Flexera will not support problems with this, this article is to assist you with your SVM product only. Symptoms When the ..\UpdatesPackages fold...
by atomra Pilgrim