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Configure SVM On-Prem Server with SSL/TLS1.2

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Summary Configure the Software Vulnerability Manager On-Prem server to use SSL-only connections with the SVM Agent, SVM Daemon, SCCM Plugin, and the Internet Explorer plugin interface. Synopsis You need to perform the following steps: 1. Import/crea...
by nhebrank Wanderer

Enable SVM-to-WSUS SSL publishing via IIS 8.5

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Summary In this article, you will learn to configure SSL at WSUS and integrate SVM with it for secure publishing. This provides all the steps, but it should act as an example.You should always implement your services through the most current encrypti...
by Community Manager rpachevurova Community Manager

Yum update of "mod_ssl" breaks httpd [SVM On-Prem]

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Summary After updating your Red Hat Enterprise host, you are no longer able to login to your SVM On-Prem account. The browser displays TLS-related errors and Page Cannot Be Displayed message. Symptoms You are unable to connect to your SVM web-interf...
by Community Manager RDanailov Community Manager