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SVM On-Prem agent failing to submit Type 3 scans results with 'Server returned error when processing results

Symptoms: Type 3 scan results may not be processed by the on-prem SVM Server so you do not see these scan results in your SVM UI.  However when amending the scan type to type 2 you see these scan results processed and visible in the SVM UI.  Upon inv...

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What is SPS Lite

Introduction SPS Lite is a view that was added to the product specifically for environments that have 30K+ devices to ensure quick loading times of SPS packages view. Feature details The SPS Lite view loads the SPS packages available without the Dete...

configure view.PNG SPS lite enabled1.jpg SPSLiteDisabled1.jpg
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Scan data not available

Symptoms: When the Software Vulnerability Agent is installed and running as a service, you may see a white list added in the scan agent log that does not appear when running agent scan manually using the command line.   [12/03 11:39:23.899] Append i...

Failed to sign package with Error: 2147942405 . Service user account not a member of local Administrators Group

Symptoms:The Automatic package publishing from the Software Vulnerability Manager requires the "Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager Patch Daemon" service installed on your WSUS server. This service performs periodical check in to your SVM server ...