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SVM on-premise Virtual Appliance Unable to update to the latest version. The most common issue is where the latest SVM RPM file cant be found at the customer portal. 


You are receiving an error “Latest RPM or Response Status: None”


login to Linux terminal using open administrator shell and follow the below troubleshooting instructions

  • cd ~
  • cat \~VirtualAppliance.log

VirtualAppliance.log contain the below messages:

2020-11-03 12:42:34,387 INFO svm mode is: True
2020-11-03 12:42:34,658 INFO latest rpm is: None


  1. The SVM mode value is set to true. 
  2. This issue occurs when the latest RPM  is not available at the customer download portal . 


Important: The php-xml dependency needs to be installed before updating your SVM VA to the latest version. 

                           yum install php-xml

1- The SVM mode value is set to true:

  • cd ~
  • vi .bashrc
  • Update svm_debug=False and save the file
  • source ~/.bashrc
  • source /root/.bash_profile

2- The latest RPM  is not available at the customer download portal . 

  • Create a ticket with SVM Support with your download portal username to enable the latest SVM RPM for your account. 
  • Run the software update via your SVM VA UI and put in your user credentials for RPM download. 
  • check your VirtualAppliance.log file again and look for the below messages

2020-11-03 14:51:39,211 INFO svm mode is: False
2020-11-03 14:51:39,211 INFO not svm debug mode...
2020-11-03 14:51:39,216 DEBUG Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
2020-11-03 14:51:39,453 DEBUG "GET /download/ HTTP/1.1" 200 567
2020-11-03 14:51:39,460 INFO Downloading: /tmp/download/csi-
2020-11-03 14:51:39,462 DEBUG Starting new HTTPS connection (1):
2020-11-03 14:51:39,767 DEBUG "GET /download/do/csi- HTTP/1.1" 200 None
2020-11-03 14:51:41,475 INFO latest rpm is available.
2020-11-03 14:51:41,476 INFO latest rpm is: csi-

If the SVM VA is on very old version then the installation might not be able to start automatically. Please follow the below procedure to update your SVM VA with latest SVM RPM. 

  • cd /tmp/download 
  • rpm -Uvh csi-

You can also follow the below video for troubleshooting. 

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