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Creating Reports

Is there an easy way to create a report with several (over 100) devices that need to be exempt as lost?  I can't figure out a way to copy/paste a list into the report creator and Flexera recognize each as a single device.  I've used "concatenate/tran...

IT Visibility Granular Access Options

Hi - I am wondering if I can give access strictly for a specific dashboard in IT Visibility to a stakeholder. I understand that the IT Visibility roles are listed here. And assuming View IT visibility is the bare minimum - e.g. they can see the dashb...

IBM Unlicensed Installs

Reviewing IBM Unlicensed installs.  Confused as what I'm finding is the devices in question (not reporting as licensed) are in fact consuming the entitlement in question.  The devices are all allocated.  The only commonality is that the devices Flexe...

Column Sorting

Is it impossible to sort by last used date column in the license consumption view?  I seem to be unable to do so.  Need to see all fields that are blank at the top.  

Software - Last Used Date

Trying to get definitive  answer regarding last used date for software.  We do not have the Flexera Agent running on any desktop devices and the device feed comes from SMS.    Sometimes Flexera will return a last used date but nobody seems to know wh...

Solved Adding Columns

This should be an easy one!  My columns are reverting back to old views once I add additional columns and save.  Once I leave, for instance, All Licenses (and I've added additional columns under consumption like cores, PVU per core, etc.) the new col...

IBM Cloud Pak VPC Unknown Product

Hello, When using the VPC metric, there's a full breakdown how many VPCs are consuming against what application; which is great. Gives great insight. However, there is a 'product' that gets added there, which states 'unknown product'. It doesn't give...

Unrecognised Evidence

Hello,I am coming across commercial applications where the evidence is unrecognised. Match quantities are in the thousands and assigned is No. Is there a way to flag this to Flexera to have them included it in the ARL please (so we can track consumpt...

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