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Solved FlexeraONE ITAM to ServiceNow

Hello,We are looking to feed license availability information into ServiceNow to support automation for software requests. For example, if a user submits a request for X application to be deployed to his/her machine via ServiceNow, as part of the app...

RWG2022 by Level 7
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Inventory Issues Report

Hi team,Need your help in generating the Inventory issue devices with their issue in a single report. so that it will be very helping to mitigate the issue. 

IBM UVU Licensing Server Installs

Company has a number of IBM UVU licenses.  What is the best practice once "host" servers are identified with primary app installed?  Currently these servers are listed in the unlicensed installs.  We are trying to clean up the unlicensed installs but...

Covered By Related Product

I've asked this question before but I have to ask it again.  We show a number of devices within an entitlement with the tag:  "Covered by Related Product" .   What product?  I have no idea how to even begin to guess which product is covering the enti...

Solved IBM Server licenses with computers allocating

I have several IBM licenses that are server licenses but because a computer has the program installed, computers show in that license. I have to constantly go in and exclude those licenses. Is there an easier way? I would like to clean up the license...

IBM UrbanCode Deploy

We have 4 IBM Products in the UrbanCode family.  Each of these products has a different SKU, however, the primary application for all of them is the same.  This is likely why we are likely getting no consumption on any of the products.  Is this. prob...

Billing centers allocation rules based on account name

I have a Billing Center A with several rules based on account namesI have created several rules, let's say 5 .  to organize/group  visually the accounts per ruleCosts related to the 5 rules are well allocated to Billing Center AIn Billing Center A, I...

Brnfxi by Level 2
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Flexera Beacon when VPN pairing

Hi,I have a question for Beacon Server.I want to use Flexera One (ITAM) on two different compartments with different VPNs on AWS. If so, do I need two Beacon servers? Or is one Beacon server enough with VPN pairing?

Mitsuki by Level 3
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