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Evidence for an application installed by device

Have a query, is NDI file the only source to recognize an application which has been installed on device? In other words, besides NDI file, is there any  other data source which is being used to recognize an application for device?

Solved List all software installs

Hi All. I'm new to "Flexera One". Is there a simple way I can generate a listing that details every piece of hardware and every software application that is installed on each of those hardware items ? I appreciate that this would be very large but on...

Solved Single Sign-on with PROD and UAT

Hello again,Regarding setting up Single Sign-on for Flexera One...Now that we access the PROD and UAT environments via a drop box in the top right corner of the browser, does that affect setting up Single Sign-on for the environments?  To clarify, do...

Solved Flexera One Logo? - for Okta tile

Hello all,I have a cosmetic type question...  Is there a logo that I can use for the Okta tile/shortcut in our organization?  Just curious...  Thanks!Matt