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Oracle Named User Plus license consumption on locked /expired Oracle accounts

Hi There,

Can you please confirm if Flexera ITAM handles Oracle account status for Oracle NUP license consumption ?

It seems that in our environment, all Oracle users (except blacklisted users) are counted whatever their status (Active, Expired & Locked, Locked)

We have 2 databases lincensed with Oracle NUP license type. All databases are inventoried successfully. All users are correctly inventoried on each instances.

If we dive in the License consumption tab of the license properties we can see that all Oracle user accounts seems to be counted as consuming the license even if most of them have Locked or Expired Users account.
I checked in the .ndi file and I can see that Oracle accounts are correctly inventoried with the right AccountStatus property (Active, Expired & Locked, Locked)

Did I miss something ?

Thanks for your input.

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I would recommend that you follow How to Contact Flexera Support to open a support case as this sounds like an issue that may need attention.


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The Oracle LMS scripts return all Oracle users configured on an Oracle database instance, including their status.

Flexera counts all Oracle users disregarding the status of these users (Active, Expired & Locked, Locked).

You should probably see the consumption calculated by FNMS for an Oracle Database license using the Named User Plus (NUP) metric as an 'Upper Limit' value or as an estimate. In case of an audit by Oracle, you can try to convince the auditors that some of the Users configured on the Oracle database should not be counted for NUP license consumption. On the other hand, you may be using some generic Oracle user accounts used for running something like a web based portal (multiplexing). In this case, you have to count all users of this portal instead of the generic Oracle user account used by the portal for accessing the Oracle database.

If you believe that the status of Oracle user accounts should be respected when counting the users configured on an Oracle database instance, you should enter this as an enhancement request in the Flexera idea portal.

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In the Oracle best practice guide from Flexera we can read this "
"Flexera’s Oracle Inventory captures all the database users with access. However, Oracle LMS does not count locked users or standard system users against NUP counts. FlexNet Manager Suite will model this behavior to some extent, but exceptions might happen. It is a best practice to always double-check user counts and identify system users, users who do not require a license or users who are no longer using the software and need to be removed."

So why FNMS counts all Oracle users whatever their account status if LMS does not count locked users ? As customer we do not expect this kind of beavior. Do we ?
I opened a case for that.
Kind regards. 

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A case was opened on that topic, and I just have a feedback from the support.

"Speaking with product management it is correct that these should not be consumed and this has been raised as a bug to be addressed.

For now, the workaround would be to remove expired responsibility from the EBS system. Alternatively, it is possible to manually override/exempt the consumption to account for this issue."