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Solved FNMS Process

Hi, To ensure an intact connection between FIA and Flexera Beacon , I was thinking if there's any FNMS process (i.e. mgspolicy.exe, ndtrack.exe) you would recommend that I can deploy and be added to the scheduled tasks of each client and server that ...

Support Ticket

Hello Team, How can I open a support ticket to get help on fixing older version of SQL server native client on beacon servers.

Solved Export License List from SAAS Manager

How can I export meaningful data from SAAS Manager?  Specifically need to export, into excel preferably, a list of licenses associated with our O365 Client.  Currently when I export I get a list of the application instances, not the licenses.  This i...

Solved Differentiate Associated Applications

Noticed that PowerBI license via SAAS Manager is not showing any differentiation between a "free" license and the paid licensing.  Every use is being considered as a paid license and they are not.  How to fix this behavior?  Should this be 2 separate...

Bulk upload SaaS License data

Is there a solution that we can bulk upload the SaaS license from a local file to flexera one?I am seeing that we can do this through the UI and create the SaaS license for the managed application one by one. Is there any other solution, like bulk up...

URLs for AWS and Azure Integration on Beacon

We are in the process of setting up the integration of AWS and Azure on our beacons which are locked down on what URLs we can access.  We are getting blocked on installing the PS Microsoft AZ Module. Does anyone have the list of URLs that I need to w...