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Flexera Discovery Opportunity: The Future of SaaS Management

We’re looking for individuals to take part in a research initiative led by Flexera User Experience Team regarding SaaS Management.     Why should I participate?  Your direct feedback and participation helps Flexera develop and enhance the tools you u...

kgano0023 by Level 2 Flexeran
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Solved UAT vs Prod

I know that UAT caps the amount of devices, but I was curious if it caps any other areas.  We have the same SCCM inventory connection feeding both UAT and Production, but are seeing on 1 machine where it lists 13 applications installed in UAT, but th...

Solved Oracle VM virtualbox Extension pack Evidence

I have a recent issue with a commercial application called Oracle VM virtualbox Extension pack, we have a significant Spike in installation count in just few days.  We have no issue with inventory device reconciliation or manual installation by end u...

Solved Duplicate Vendor Issue

I have multiple duplicate vendor listed in All vendor list and purchases are  added to them. Kindly let me know how can i move all purchases and assign to single vendor and delete the duplicate. Since moving single purchases is time consuming.  

FlexNet Reporting - Licensed for Cloud Use

When building a custom report in the “Licenses” table, what does the “Eligible for use with cloud service providers” result mean? Where does this data come from?(See attached Word Doc)How does it relate to “Use Rights and Rule > License consumption r...

EOL / EOS Processes

Hello-Has anyone in the community created an internal process as to how one should manage EOL/EOS software applications? I have been tasked with creating and maintaining an end of life software process. If anyone in the community can provide some gui...

holgma by Level 2
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How to uninstall software completely from device?

Usually uninstalled software from device, there is no software installed in Control Panel->All Control Panel Items->Programs and Features, even no related evidence in NDI file, but still reflect in FNMS with software installed.From client side, how t...