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Using SAP maintenance base or annual support prices

Hey everyone. I am in the process of adding price details for some SAP products in the SAP Module and was curious to know what others here have done. As many SAP customers know, there is a cap cost to buy the licenses, which also contributes to the maintenance base.

Then, the annual support costs are a % of this maintenance base, depending on the support level. If you go to terminate any licenses with SAP, the only savings is your annual support costs go down, but you don't get money back from your maintenance base.

So I am curious to know if others here are using the maintenance base price or the annual support cost.


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Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

It is really a preference.  The original License costs can represent risk value in the event of an audit, whereas the maintenance costs can represent potential savings, as you say.

 I tend to use the License Cost costs because in my experience most customers have trouble terminating licenses full stop, but can use the outputs of FNMS-SAP to prevent the purchase of new licenses or to inform a Transfer of Licenses from one to another, both of which more naturally suit the use of the License cost in the tool.

 Please also remember that the license cost you use in FNM-SAP which informs the Current Position page will not filter through to FNMS.  The Licenses and consumption will auto-create in FNMS but you must load the Purchase data yourself and map it to these licenses.  At that point you have the option to add a unit price to the FNMS Purchase, or add an override unit price to the FNMS License, or use some of the other Price Fields in the Finance tab of the FNMS License to inform reporting.

 You could for example focus on the License cost in the FNM-SAP Current Position and the Maintenance cost in the FNMS License position and associated reports, or vice versa.