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Office Suite - Usage of Different Products


I have had a question posed to me that has never been asked before and I have no idea how to answer it.  A product ownere wants to know if we can provide any type of reporting for Office that would show if/when someone used each of the components or not.  For instance, when did I last use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.  

I've never been asked to provide this granular info before.

If anyone knows a way to accomplish, please advise.


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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Whether this can be done may depend on the details in the file inventory and usage data that is available to the system. However a starting place to investigate may be:

  1. Create an application in the ARL for each component you want to track usage of
  2. Configure an "at least one" file recognition rule for the primary executable file associated with that component (e.g. excel.exe for Excel).

If the inventory and usage data being imported both refer to excel.exe on a device then this is likely to be sufficient to recognize the component as being installed, and identify it as being used.

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