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Duplicate Serial Numbers growing!! very annoying

Hi,I'm getting increasingly frustrated with servers with the same name / IP address being imported but with different serial number.It does not matter whether it is Windows O/S or Linux, it just keeps happening!Is anyone else having this issue, seems...

Error with Custom Policy

Hi Team,We were customizing one of the custom policy which exists in flexera i.e Untagged resources. However when we try to apply the policy we were getting several compilation errors. Could you please help us in understanding the basic structure of ...

Solved Exempting from consuming entitlements from a license

In a virtual environment (Cluster-Host-VM), at what level do you need to apply a consumption exemption on a license?My initial thought was to exempt the host, as that is where the consumed points are calculated. However, I am getting mixed results as...

reevejw by Level 3
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Solved SAP Landscapes in Flexera One

Can I edit an SAP Landscape in Data Collections?We put in the incorrect Client ids for the admin module and satellite and am looking to edit, but it doesn't look like I can.Thank you

Core and Processor count on virtual environment

Anyone else experience issues when analysing Windows Server licensing consumption as the Virtual core count and processor count are inconsistent even though the processor type is the same for multiple VMs? fair enough some will say where the inventor...

KGrieve by Level 4
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