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Upload inventories directly to FlexeraOne

Hi community,

I just wanted to share that I've found a way to upload inventories gathered by the FlexNet Agent directly to FlexeraOne without the need of going through a beacon server.

Use case:

Some customers might have issues with inventorying remote devices (e.g. Laptops) which are not connected to a VPN. Here the way would be to deploy internet facing beacons with all the belonging security constraints and setup efforts.


  • At least one deployed and connected beacon to retreive the beacon UID and encrypted password from the settings.xml
  • A FlexNet agent on the remote device

How to send the inventory to F1 with an installed agent:

  1. Add new registry key like in the screenshot -> Password = the encrypted password from the beacon settings.xml, User = the beacon UID from the settings.xml
  2. Generate an ndi file with ndtrack and set the upload properties to false
  3. Locate the ndi/gz file and change the name like this
    1.  Original Name: system on machinename at 20230601T133058 (Full).ndi.gz
    2. New Name: [YOUR TENANT ID]_system on machinename at 20230601T133058 (Full).ndi.gz
  4. YOUR TENANT ID = the tenant ID of your instance (you will find this ID e.g. in the inventory import logs). The brackets and the underscore need to be in the string 🙂
  5. Copy the new file to "C:\ProgramData\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Common\Uploads\Inventories"
  6. Execute ndupload.exe -t Machine
  7. Now the uploader will catch the ndi file and will upload it directly to FlexeraOne without going through a beacon 🙂
  8. After the next full inventory import your device will be shown in your instance

Things to think about:

  • I know, it is a PoC/workaround and it needs some effort to set this up correctly but in theory it could be a scripted process
  • In the moment it is not possible to retreive agent policies from the instance so you have to handle this by yourself
  • I would be happy if other customers can confirm this little PoC
  • It would be a great thing if this would be an official feature (will submit an idea to the portal)

Best regards,

Maximilian Hensel


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