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Is there way to track adobe feature restricted licenses without internet on devices running this application

I don't see option to auto track adobe feature restricted licenses running on the devices without internet facility automatically using flexera one,  please recommend best path to track these licenses..

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Currently, the way ITAM works is that the license covers an application and not a feature set of the application. There would need to be a way to determine a separate application from the features to fully track this.

You could create separate licenses and then manually allocate the users/devices to the correct license based on the features they use. These allocations can further be automated by using a Business Adapter: 

By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion
Adobe FRL in itself do not need to have internet depending on how you activate the license. We have earlier used FRL-Lan but now we run FRL-Offline.
We inventory with fnms agent and manage all unrecognized evidences. We configure the license container with metric User.