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Data mismatch

Hi,we have an interface to consume the data from ILMT, so basically we're storing the data in staging and then it get updates in the presentation tables like Software License during the reconciliation (please correct me If I'm wrong)Now, we have a fe...

Automatic License Deallocation

Hello All,For Docker application, the docker admins are providing us with an excel file everyday with all users that are to be assigned a named user docker license. I have then created a business adapter to allocate the license to those users in fnms...

New licensing rules Microsoft per VM and FNMS

Dear Flexera, I was wondering if  you can tell when FNMS will support licensing Microsoft new rules per VM? thanks an...

Ronny_OO7 by Level 8 Champion
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Internet - public beacon

Hi Forum, we are half way to setup the internet beacon which is open to internet and all non VPN users and home users are going to communicate through this beacon.Our beacon server is on DMZ and we got external DNS record for it. and for IIS binding ...

ReshmaB by Level 6
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Rational Software Delivery Platform

Hi all, I'm trying to figure out what is exactly "Rational Software Delivery Platform". From my understanding it seems to be a "branding" or a "marketing name" rather than a software per say. I can't find a part number to purchase it.

thibaud by Level 3
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I seek assistance with an issue currently being experienced by one of our power users.Specifically, this user is unable to access the SAM Optimization hub tab in our system, and I have been unable to identify the necessary permissions required to add...

Muneer by Level 4
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