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License Consumption


we've created a license whose license type is named user. now we've allocated to users across the organizations.
Now the question is, There are some users who have consumed value as 0. I'm not completely sure why it is 0.

I did some investigation and thought following are two possible reasons for consumed point=0

1) For some users where the consumed point is 0, they don't have any machine 
2) Some users where the consumed point is 0, have the machine but no application related to this license is installed on the machine.

Correct me if my understanding is incorrect


(1) Reply

named user licenses  have following rule: "Only installations associated with allocated users are counted." (see
If there is no installation found for that user, you won't have a consumption.

If you want consumptions even if there is no installation found, you can activate option "Allocations consume license entitlements" under "Use Right& Rules" (see )