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SCCM Connector shows 0 data imported

Hi there,

So recently I've configured a SCCM connector on a tenant.

The connector imports data daily as seen in PS1, seems to be working fine.

But the Inventory Data shows 0 data imported even though I can see data is imported + even after reconciliation it still shows "Reconciled: No"  (see PS2) 

Suggestions, what might be wrong here? 


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This looks a bit strange if SCCM is the only data source?

Please feel free to contact Flexera Support if you want assistance troubleshooting this, and please make sure to include the relevant logs when opening the case.


By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion

Could you check your logs, if multiple imports ran? This may happen when the same data is imported repeatedly. As the Reader does a delta on the existing data, only importing changed inventories, it may report "0" when nothing changed.


Does the SCCM connector have sufficient rights to read the data from SCCM?

hi there, 

Check with your sccm team that the DB you are connecting to has any data, if it is rights you will see errors in your logs.