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Solved WMI Class

On Windows systems, does the Flexnet Agent query the WMI Class Win32_Product as part of its gathering processes?

shill2 by Level 6
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Bulk upload of contracts with files attached

I need to move contracts from a On-Prem solution to the Cloud solution. I created a business adaptor on my beacon server that is connected to FNMS cloud and first test it with one upload but I cannot see the status of the upload anywhere.Secondly, th...

FrediG by Level 4
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new Oracle database inventory error

Hi all,I'm facing a brand new Oracle Db inventory error, I was wondering if any of you have seen it before.I found this in literature but did'nt help me

marcog by Level 8
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Microsoft User CAL management

We have encountered a challenge in determining our true MS User CAL consumption and are looking for insights as to how others have tackled this issue with FNMS. The consumption reported by FNMS is roughly double the total number of active user accoun...

FNMS x SCCM Integration

Hi Guys, We have FNMS and SCCM Here, it are integrated to collect Inventoried Machines from SCCM, but we have a necessity.... We have a Blacklist Report on FlexNet and we would like to remove those Softwares using SCCM. I dont jonw if someone did it....

Agent is pinging several beacons, but ping is not allowed

Hello Community,I have a question about the process in the FlexNet Agent to determine the best beacon to send the inventory files to.I understand roughly the process that the Agent on a device gets a policy from a beacon with included all the beacons...

Frank07 by Level 6
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Flexera Beacon Server related query

Hi,Can you please confirm where to configured Flexera Beacon Server in the EDMZ, we need to use the full domain name for Flexera Beacon Server.As we are getting error ( not able to find server / non-existent domain ...during reinstallation of latest ...

Adding an application manually to an inventory

Hi,Sometimes it's happening we have difficulties on finding some particular versions of Weblogic on target servers using zero footprint inventory.So I was wondering, if for some of them we cannot solve the problem, is there a way to add manually an a...

marcog by Level 8
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