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Expired Subscription Licenses

Hello,We have some subscription licenses that are linked to a contract. The licenses have since expired and I have set the contract status to archived. I've notice that in All Licenses I can see all the records relating to the licenses that were purc...

RWG2022 by Level 7
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Flexera IAM Management via API

I have been tasked by my organization to integrate Flexera One with an Identity Access Management system. I've been looking through the website and can't seem to find an api that can add a user to flexera one. I only see the abi...

Solved Delete a Publisher (Local)

We have a publisher that was created manually when we were using Flexera on prem. It has NOTHING connected to it and never will.  How does one remove this local publisher?

Solved Importing Atlassian usage data into Flexera One

Hi all,Looking to get Atlassian usage data imported into Flexera One.  The data that is coming from Atlassian Cloud seems to only be when someone has last logged in, but doesn't take into account which Atlassian product is being used (e.g. Trello, Co...

sdbash by Level 5
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License Linked to Application without Evidence

We are more frequently getting the error message "License Linked to Application without Evidence".  How does one go about figuring out which application that might be the offender?  I've looked into all the apps listed and cannot find one without evi...

User-Based Licenses

Hello,We have licenses from several publishers that are, what you may call, enterprise type licenses. We can install the applications on as many machines as we like, however the number of licenses needed is based on the total number of unique users t...

RWG2022 by Level 7
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Creating Reports

Is there an easy way to create a report with several (over 100) devices that need to be exempt as lost?  I can't figure out a way to copy/paste a list into the report creator and Flexera recognize each as a single device.  I've used "concatenate/tran...