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Maintenance SKU's Help

When creating license records, vendors will supply Maintenance SKU’s which are not useful when creating licenses. Since I do not have historical data available to determine original Software SKU, what do you do? I am concerned the license properties ...

jbursch1 by Level 5 Flexeran
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M365 integration oddity when upgrading E plan

Hi Guys,  I have noticed, following our upgrade of our M365 plan a couple of things > Our new plan is showing the correct purchase number  Our old plan is being referenced (so not deleted) but it is showing the correct purchase number of 0, so the en...

bmaudlin by Level 9 Champion
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Solved Ideas Portal Migrated?

Hey team - is the Ideas portal migrated or down for maintenance? now routes to I tried accessing today and its a Revenera portal, and doesnt seem to be the old Flexera ideas. I a...

Unit Price

How do you enter the unit price for a bundle of products? For example, if you have three products which cost $1M altogether and do not have a price breakdown, how do you enter the unit prices into the purchases in Flexera?

Red Gate SKU-67 and SKU-64

Red Gate is using these SKUs for New licenses, Maintenance, Upgrade of licenses and now for their Subscription licenses however Flexera only recognises these SKUs as Upgrade SKUs which makes it difficult to create licenses as the SKUs required a base...

Solved Flexera Agent Updating on MAC

We have older version of Flexera agent installed on MAC Now we need to update it to latest version.Can we update the Flexera agent without deleting the older version? 

atique by Level 4
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