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How to create a policy datasource API with custom port


i'm trying to create a custom policy using datasourse to collect data from other application,

Is there any way to add a port information in datasource request?

The API URL is: https://hostname:port/path..



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Community Manager

I don't know if this is the answer, but have you tried including the port in the "host" value?

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Hi Chris,

I tryed both:

- add the port in the host ( "host:port")

    Result: error - doesn't recognize the hostname


- add the port in the path( ":port/path")

   Result: wrong URL - https://host/:port/path





Hi William,


 I have reached out in private messages so we can get a case open, due to the sensitivity of some of these fields, to review this further. You should be able to pass the port in the hostname, as string, or you can use reverse proxy on the host to the correct port.