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Setting up Flexera one from Scratch.

Hi there, 

I am in the process of setting up Flexera one from scratch. Needless to say I am bashing my head against the wall here. I've been following the guides onilne, but frankly they aren't giving me the same outcome as shown on video and in documentation. 

Right now, I've got the Beacon setup and communicating. And i've got the Agent installed on a single device. However, try as I might I can not get the agent to populate the inventory. Now I am certain i am doing something wrong, but I don't know what. 

Is there a step by step  guide on setting Flexera one up from scratch? 

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer
Here is the process for installing the beacon:

Once the beacon is setup, you have to install the agent and point it to your beacon:

The agent will upload it's inventory file (.ndi) to the beacon and the beacon will upload it to Flexera One. Once the data has been uploaded to Flexera One a compliance import/reconcile (automatically runs overnight) must be performed before the device appears in the UI (Inventory->All Inventory).

You can also examine the agent logs to see if it ran and collected inventory.; scroll down to "FlexNet inventory agent logging".


What are you working upon ? Cloud or SaaS.. Ping me, I will guide you to set it up.

Awesome, thanks. I will ping you shortly. 

In regards to the Flexera Agent, you'll want to pay close attention to configuring a bootstrap file (mgssetup.ini for windows, mgsft_rollout_response for *nix) section of the documentation that @tjohnson1  mention. But like what @mfeinman  shared, your best bet at figuring out where to start troubleshooting the Flexera agent, would be reviewing the logs (C:\windows\temp\ManageSoft for windows,  /var/opt/managesoft/log for *nix).