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Solved SaaS User License Type, redux

Following up on the below thread, what is the considered "best practice" for purchased SaaS software where our implementation does not include the SaaS Manager module?  Should we opt instead for "Custom Metric" and steer clear entirely of the use of ...

Solved Where i can submit a bug

it seems that NewFileEvidence_MT is affected by this error- Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int.For dbo.ComplianceHistory flexera solved the issue but for NewFileEvidence_MT table only RESEED option is available as a temp...

Solved Escalating Response to Support Case?

Hi folks, I opened a support case with high priority close to a month ago now.  I have been struggling to get traction with the support team, including a scheduled work session with my team and the customer. As I have been working with the Flexera te...

Solved Custom Report for Operators

Hi, I have created a custom report in FNMS UI. I am facing problem to customize the report according to the operators. I had gone trough a solution where someone has used ComputerByOperatorlogIn Function and that did work for me as well.  Can anyone ...

Solved Toad Evidence Type

I need to understand what does Evidence type Toad means and how does FNMS captures it? How can i find the file path in order to remove the traces from the machine?

Solved SQL Toolbelt

@linda_s_platt  raised a question about the missing applications pulled from the SKU for Red Gate SQL Toolbelt. Will this be resolved as it is still skewing the Toolbelt consumption numbers and one has to manually add missing applications.

Solved PURL download timeout

Hi,I have an issue with the download timing out.WE have identified the issue is with the proxy server and AV scanning - by the time the file has downloadedand the AV scanning has completed to release the file the application has timed out.Ca...

Container Scanning and Older Inventory Agents

We have not enabled "detection of Docker and running inventory agent inside Docker containers" in FNMS On-Premises due to the performance issue that is caused with the older inventory agents. We are in the process of upgrading the agents to 2021 R1 i...

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Old inventory date under evidence tab

In one of the machine ( screenshot attached) agent in running properly and the inventory date is latest, but the inventory date under the evidence tab is old. Owner of the server confirmed the file path where inventory date is old have been cleared a...