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Adding custom properties referenced with other internal objects



Can we add a custom property referenced with other internal objects?

For example, I want to add a new user property in the Asset object, and we can select values from the Users object for this field.


Thank you

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@huyenthu - At the present time, Custom Fields are all created as a "Stand Alone" fields with no relationships to anything within FNMS/ITAM.  You can create a Custom Field that has a drop-down list of values to select from - but you would need to provide the values you want to see in the drop-down list at the time the Custom Field is created.

Note that if you go to the Ownership tab of an Asset, there is an Assigned User field which is linked to the existing users.

Hi @kclausen 

Do the custom properties lose if we upgrade to a new version of FNMS? 

Thank you,