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Solved SolarWinds Adapter?

Although I feel I've asked this question before, can anyone tell me if the SW Orion adapter referenced in this Partners presentation ever saw the light of day, and is it still available?

Solved FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R2

When the Beacon task for SCCM and Technopedia run they never go past import into staging. When I go to the staging folder the file is there.  1st killed any processes running in the processor tasks lists 2nd deleted tasks from database 3rd checked th...

bottsrm by Level 4
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Solved Solarwinds Integration

We currently are using on premises FNMS 2020. Does anyone know if there is an inventory adapter to integrate with solarwinds? 

bottsrm by Level 4
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License Tracking for Dongle License Keys

When creating a license that the license key is in a dongle or usb what is the best way to record this license. We have a publisher that the license is on a usb and can be move from one device to another.  Would it be best to use node-locked concurre...

bottsrm by Level 4
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Solved Manually change last inventory date

In a test environment I'm trying to manually change the last inventory date of some devices to make them appear older than they are.  I tried updating the LastSuccessfulInventoryDate and LastInventoryDate fields in the ImportedComputer_MT table, but ...

Solved Source of Name (Computer Name) of an Inventory Record

Does anyone know where FNMS pulls the computer name for an inventory record?  Is it read from the bios of the computer?  We use the FNMS Inventory agent on devices as primary and SCCM as a secondary collection.  We are seeing an influx of computer na...

lelfers by Level 3
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Mulesoft - BOM, Parent/Child SKU Relationships

Hi, does anyone have any experience with deciphering and determining how to relate what appear to be parent/child SKUs in Flexera for Mulesoft (a Salesforce company)?  I know I've seen this kind of ambiguous roll up with Cisco products before, but I ...

SCCM record and FlexNet agent record not merging

We are running into an issue where dozens of our machines have duplicates in FNMS due to one record coming from our SCCM connection and the other coming from the FlexNet agent. As far as I'm aware, with Windows based machines the only fields used for...