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Question regarding Scripting

I'm seeing individuals talking about writing scripts to get software asset management information.On average, how many SAMs out there that are using a Flexera product are writing scripts to collect information for their SAM program?On average, for th...

jhanes by Level 6
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TLS version used not detected

Hi all,I have one beacon  that is not detecting the TLS version 1.2 i have configured the registry reboot the server but still won't work, OS version is Windows Server 20192022-07-29 00:16:42,012 [Scheduler.ScheduledJob|download] [INFO ] Executing jo...

Solved Processing a PO to an existing license

Looking for a clarification here as I couldn't find it spelled out in Help. I suspect this is the case but when processing a po and you search for an existing license, Flex will NOT include retired licenses in the search results, correct? Thanks!

Solved Hardware Export, update, then Import Question

The hardware asset import spreadsheet does not contain all of the fields in the hardware record.  I am being asked to do a full export of the assets so they can update fields and to import it back in.  I do not believe this can be done this way or sh...

KendraF by Level 4
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SSL connection from client to Beacon server

Hi All, We have a situation where some of the clients are still using SSL v2&3 and the beacon server is using TLS1.1, 1.2 and there is an issue while trying to connect to Beacon from client.Can we have a workaround for this situation? the volume is i...

Reconciliation stuck at Azure Import

Azure import stuck with  below error: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_SoftwareUsagePerWeek_Computer". The conflict occurred in database "FNMSInventory", table "dbo....

LDAP Timeout Issues With Active Directory Import

Hi all ...I'm seeing the following intermittent error in the AD Import (the actual DN is redacted):2022-08-03 09:40:56,784 [rt.DomainDetailsImport] [INFO ] Importing organizational units, users and computers.2022-08-03 09:42:46,894 [oryImport.LdapSea...