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Few Business adapter rules are not working


we've a business adapter running with  10 SQL rules to process and insert data to a staging tables. From past few days few rules are not working as they are expected to work but when i run the same query from Sql Studio, it's working fine and even when i select the import option from business adapter, it's working fine.
what could be the issue? 


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Community Manager
Could you elaborate a little on specifically what isn't working? For example - are the SQL queries failing with an error? Are they making different updates to data from what you expect? Is anything shown in the business adapter log related to the queries (enabling "debug" logging will show the most details)?
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The SQL query should select data from various tables  and then insert data to staging table where the Business unit = 'ABC'. So it's doesn't insert data to staging table when it's  scheduled but when i run it manually it works fine.


can you share screenshot from beacon application for inventory system page