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Delete container images in All Containers page


We're using the option “Enable detection of Docker and running inventory agent inside Docker containers” to collect container information.

We wonder if FNMS can auto-detect and delete the images that no longer exist in the host. If not, is there any way to delete the container images manually on the All Containers page?


Thank you

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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hello, Thank you for reaching out. 

Any container or image that existed for any amount of time since the immediately preceding inventory will be present in the subsequent inventory. Container or image objects that are deleted from the Docker index on the host will be present in the subsequent inventory, but will then be removed from the monitor's internal cache and will be absent from any future inventories.

However, this is not the case it seems when it comes to the WebUI, you will have to re-inventory the host meaning delete-it and get fresh inventory.

I also believe this might be a good enhancement where there should be an option to remove Container records not updating within N number of days.

Flexera Ideas to submit an enhancement:

I hope that helps