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RDS/Virtual apps Consumption

By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Team,

Can FNMS calculate consumption for the below products? If not possible out of the box, is there any recommended or alternate approach available?

1. RDS (server/ cal)

2. Citrix Virtual apps and Desktops


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


For Citrix there are adapters available.

An alternative can be, to allocate users, allowed to use virtual desktops & apps, based on AD groups or some other IAM. This only works well for user-based licenses, using deviced-licenced apps in such virtual scenarios is always a pain.

For RDS, you'll need a list of specific users or devices. That could be:

  • everyone imported into FNMS (All Users)
  • everyone in your AD
  • everyone considered a natural person (applying specific filters, like everyone with an email or at least one device, etc.)
  • everyone in one or many AD groups
  • everyone in a list provided in any other way

It is also a question of how much time & effort you want to invest in figuring out the last one user/device vs. how to generalize in a comprehensible and potentially audit-safe way.

Best regards,



For RDS has written an article where he explains how to create a connector to gather this info to Flexera.

I think this might be useful to you.

RDS CALs Integration and Optimization Solution 

Best regards,
Vitor Sinceridades