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Solved FlexNet User (Account) Information

Hello all of you geniuses out there!Here is one for you all...Without going into the backend (into the server(s)) of FlexNet, is there a way to see if a specific account (FNMS user) has been using FNMS and associated actions that individual did in FN...

jhanes by Level 6
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Solved Export to ServiceNow log

Hi,Does the export from FNMS to ServiceNow process have any log containing information about the number of records to be exported?Example: how many records have been exported and what is their status?We check the log in C:\Temp\Log but it not contain...

Does Flexera supply a auto discovery tool?

Hi, we are currently running Flexnet Manager Suite for license compliance. We are also running IBM's TADDM (Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager) for discovering CI's and their relations. We are wondering if Flexera has any kind of auto di...

bleepie by Level 6
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Solved Why Memory Consumption Takes Place In Daytime also?

Hi Team,As Flexera does scan mostly during the night but during the daytime in task manager , this Inventory agent is seen all day . Could you please let us know the significance of this one? Asking because we are getting question why memory consumpt...

Rahul08 by Level 5
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Reconciliation not working

Hi. I have migrated from on-prem to cloud. When my system was on-prem, the reconciliation was working well. But since the migration it is getting stuck on the following step: "Update the step with execution ID: 992866, EventTypeID: 183, StepID: 3, Ev...

Flexera agent install issues on Unix servers

Hi Team,I am facing this issue, in the tracker.log we have found issues for some Unix servers . But we uninstalled and re-installed the agent as well , there was no change. Please give us steps to change the upload location pointer in tracker.log .I ...

Rahul08 by Level 5
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Removable media / device scanning

Hi, We receive a certain report from our security that because FNMS scans all drive including removable media device, that it notify defender for malicious app or file. Is there anyway we can stop FNMS from scanning removable devices? Also, can FNMS ...