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Component in Software Title


there are records that are classified as Component, what does it mean? Why it's not commercial or freeware

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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

Hello @scsharath2 ,

Theoretically, the "Component" classification means: "this is a non licensable component of a commercial application". Typically SQL Server Management Studio.

A component of a freeware should be a freeware, and components should be here to warn us that the licensable application has a chance to be on the same device.

The ARL is not 100% reliable on this subtle difference between component and freeware.

Practically, you should consider components like "freeware", which means they don't need to be licensed. The focus in a SAM Project should be on Commercial Applications.

More information on the SAM Operations Process in the Managing SAM Operations SAM Best Practice Webinar.

Hope it helps,


Nicolas Rousseau
Licensing Architect