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ServiceNow Generate Token 'NULL'

For the Flexera Integration in ServiceNow, on the "Generate Token" form clicking on the "Generate OAuth Token" returns a null value. We have configured the user to have the x_fls_flexera_fnms.admin and admin roles, and reset the password several times to make sure it is correct. Any ideas why we would be having this issue and steps to resolve/troubleshoot? Thanks!

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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hello @jonmarcel , If you are getting null while generating a token in ServiceNow. You might want to check the following:

Click on All at the top left and follow this path: Flexera Integration > Advanced > OAuth
Open the OAuth Provider and look at the Token URL and Redirect URL.
Make sure that both are the same and that they match the instance URL.

TokenURL: https://{myservicenowinstance}.com/

Redirect URL: https://{myservicenowinstance}.com/

Attempt to generate the Token again and see if the same null error pops up.

I corrected the URL for the instance and when I attempt to generate a token again I get the error "Error: 401 Message: server_error, access_denied". I get this when I use the user id set up according to the documentation as well as my own local admin account. I verified that the x_fls_flexera_fnms.admin and admin roles have been applied. Logs don't seem to give what the issue is, unless I am not looking in the right place. Any other ideas where to look? TIA!

Thank you for the response. @jonmarcel  401 usually pertains to permissions. What if you try to use the ServiceNow admin account, were you able to generate a token?

If so you can open a Support ticket with Flexera to further investigate the issue here.

Please provide the following data as well:

  1. ServiceNow version
  2. Flexera scoped app version