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O365 Connection || Inventory gathering failed. Error: The remote server returned an error: (429) ServiceThrottleThresholdExceeded.

Hi Forum,

One of our customers is having issue with O365 connection. By analyzing error code, we changed the schedule time, but no luck.

What we have observed, if task is completed on Monday , then next 2 days it will get failed.

and for task completion day we are not seeing any associated task listed down (like Gathering inventory data/uploading to app server or importing to staging either logs are created at web Ui end ).

Does anyone faced this kind if issue? I would appreciate your help 🙂 .Currently we are in 2022 R1.


Reshma B



(2) Replies

Hello @MissReshmaB , same here, I have a customer with 3 tenant, and I even changed the import scheduler, some times it work, some times it failed, and I didn't figure it out why is failing.

@ChrisG  - Can you please help us, if there are any KB/Work around on this.