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Solved FNMS Beacon/Agent Port change

We have a client that has a need to configure a child beacon to communicate over a different port than standard. Trying to find out if anyone has done this before to share their experience before too many cycles are spent trying to prove this out. In...

dcopher by Level 6
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Solved Several Publisher Names

Dear Community,  I was wondering of there is any "quick fix" for Publisher Names. When creating my compliance report I can see that could be 1, 2 or 3 Publishers with the same name or typo error. What would you do to sort this? Would you do it at the...

Several Publisher Names.JPG

Different scheduling frequency for desktops and servers

I don't think there is a way, but I wanted to check.  Is there a way to schedule the agents such that we can set different schedulings.  For eg.  I might want to schedule one set of desktops for Thursday, and the other set of Desktops for Friday.  or...

Evidence Tab: Installer Evidence Types

Hi, Can someone please help with the following customer questions please? “Raw evidence type - The type of imported installer evidence as retrieved from the inventorysource, for example, MSI, OUI, Uninstall.”

baherne by Flexera Alumni
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SCCM Integration question

Hi all, Appreciate it if someone can help me with this question from an FNMS On Prem customer.   Our FNMS design utilises SCCM to bring in the vast majority of our client estate inventory as we have done for quite some time including in FNMP. Whereas...

baherne by Flexera Alumni
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Solved Reporting on User in Analytics

Hi,I want to build a report on used of License softwares by calculated user  on a period of time, a Chargeback report in another words.For me, it does not seems the Packages available are build to create this kind of report.Does somebody have an idea...

JeanRM by Level 5
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Solved Difference between sessioncache.ssc and usagecache.ssc

Hi All,based on some other articles I was able to get results in the Raw Software Usage, also with Manua...