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Solved WMI: wmitrack.ini - using different namespaces

Hi,I've just looked into a customer request for collecting display details. Data is available via WMI, so extending the wmitrack.ini seems logical.Unfortunately the namespace (root\WMI) of the class differs from the default one (root\cimv2). Is there...

mfranz by Level 17 Champion
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Solved Error when clicking on "All Assets"

I have a user that is getting an error when clicking on the all assets page in Flexnet on prem. I thought I read somewhere about clearing out the user settings for a page in the database. Is anyone aware of where in the database that information is s...

rclark0 by Level 6
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Application in Remote Device consuming licenses

Hi All,We have a scenario in which licenses are showing as over consumed for few Applications.On checking for 1 application (visio) most of the consuming devices are remote devices,and also it is showing access mode as Xendesktop. Example: User Bravo...

Salesforce zipfiles where to put?

Hello, We have a Salesforce connector setup and we have catch the zip files that are created. Now I want to import this in our test system.Can somebody tell in which directory I need to copy these files so Salesforce get imported into my test system?...

FrankvH by Level 6
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Solved Complete uninstallation documentation

Does anyone have any documentation or installation on how to perform a complete uninstallation of the product? I am talking about deleting registry entries and complete folder paths?

Solved How to automatically update larger asset information

We do a lot of large projects necessitating that the hostname be changed on a lot of assets to match their new location. Is there a way to do this automatically? I'm thinking maybe export the group of assets, change the hostnames and import the new l...

Setting up agents without policy

Is it possible to set up Flexera agents on servers (windows or non-windows) without the policy.   If it is a must, can we push a file that is hard coded, and pushes the data on a fixed schedule (say 1 day or 1 week).  The reason is that we may want t...

Solved FNMS 2019 R1 Update 5 - some thoughts

Hi,I've tested Update 5 in two systems now and I would like to share some thoughts.There seems to be no Online Help for the new "Evidence" tab yet, so part of this is guessing. Please feel free to correct me.Edit: Online help is updated, please see c...

mfranz by Level 17 Champion
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Solved JAMF Adapter

Hello Dear Community,I have a doubt lingering about , we have a JAMF adapter  - While the adapter brings in 42 applications with the publisher column populated on the FNMS UI [ours is a cloud implementation of FNMS]. The Mac OS X agent brought in 216...

Cloaky by Level 7
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Cloud Security - Platform and API Question

Good dayI have 2 questions related to Cloud Security which i dont seem to find in the Cloud Security Document:What Platform Security does Flexera have in place for the FNMS Cloud solution? i.e Hardened Operating Systems etc.Does  FNMS Cloud have call...