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Up gradation of 2016 to 2019R2

Up gradation of 2016 to 2019R2

I am upgrading the FNMEA Admin/Reporting to 2019R2 , i follow these steps.

1.Uninstall Agent 5.X to all seven servers and install Agent 5.6 on all servers.(As per installation manual)

2. After that i uninstall FNMEA Admin - it start but stuck on 0 % its on Folders -its from more than 2 hours.

According to manual after the step 2 complete

I Install FNMEA Admin Then Upgradedb , Then Uninstall FNMAE Reporting, Install FNMEA Reporting , Upgradedb.

My DB is on SQL 2012 , which i also want to upgrade to 2016, i backup/copy the databases adn copy the same with sameinstance at same SQL Server whcih upgrdaed to 2016.

Do i upgrdae the SQL or wait for "upgradedb" command from FNMEA Admin/Reporting then Upgrade the SQL Server.

Please suggest and help me


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Hi @i_adnan 

I see you have a more recent post saying that you've upgraded, does that mean you got past this issue or do you still need help from the community?

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