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Flexera data & CMDB

Hello all!

How many of you have taken FNMS data and populated a CMDB?

I see there is documentation for ServiceNow and BMC. Have any of you done this with either products?

Has anyone done with this with another ITSM solution? Avanti, CA, Cherwell, others?

If you have done this successfully, I have a few additional questions.

  1. What value do you get from this? More specifically, what use cases does this help meet?
  2. How much effort was it to set up? (rough estimate)
  3. How much effort is it to maintain?
  4. Does your ITSM solution update the FNMS directly OR do you update the CMDB and let it update FNMS?

If you are willing to have a conversation about this, we'd be open to that as well.

Thank you!


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HI @jaalstead 

The FNMS to S.Now integration is very easy to configure/maintain etc, and the options to synchronize to S.Now are only Hardware inventory, installed applications, and contracts.  I understand the Remedy integration to be similarly simple.  We did not configure the return leg via mid server.

As far as working in the ITSM solution once this data is received there, I can not comment.  

In terms of use cases:

  • It makes sense to pass contract data to ITSM if they are created in FNMS
  • It makes sense to pass hardware inventory to ITSM if FNMS has all the inventory sources connected and agents deployed to the full estate - then FNMS acts as the hardware inventory leg of the CMDB.
  • I don't agree in principle with sharing license or application details to the cmdb.

Other integrations from a customer ITSM solution are always achieved via business importers - the effort is inversely proportional to the accuracy of the data in the CMDB.





Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.

Anyone else?

From the Customer Community, you can go to "Other Resources" and select the Learning Center.  Within the Learning Center there is a module on Flexera Best Practices.  Within this, there is a Flexera Best Practice document named IT Service Management Best Practices.

In this document are the suggested ways that Flexera Products can be integrated with your ITSM/CMDB solutions to improve your Service Management processes and augment/make use of the information in the CMDB.