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FNMS App-V integration questions

Hi all,I'm working on an App-V 5.1 integration and have run into a few questions.First, there are two distinct App-V environments, both of which need to be inventoried but share software licenses. The docs state "For App-V release 5.0 and later, the ...

Oracle LMS 20.3

Any one have insights in what the changes are between the FNMS current version of LMS 19.1 and the current from Oracle which are on 20.3? Or when FNMS will contain the latest?19.1 Rel 2018-09-0619.2 Rel 2018-11-0920.3 Rel 2019-10-14 

mag00_75 by Level 8 Champion
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Solved Flexera FNMS and Jamf Pro Cloud

Hi,We are using Flexera FNMS 2019R1. Is it possible to integrate and collect HW and SW inventory for MacOS devices from Jamf Pro Cloud version 10.18.0.Thanks, Marius.

marius by Level 6
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migrating FNMS on-premise to Azure cloud

Hi All, We need your help in getting right directions/inputs for assessing/planning on Migration of our FNMS on-premise application into Azure cloud environment ,which will still be as on-premise.Need your inputs in what all modifications/changes do ...

Solved Schedule Windows task to run 'ndtrack.exe' on local device, instead of remote execution (zero footprint)

We are using Remote Execution (Zero footprint) to inventory, scheduled to run certain days of the week.On few handful devices, Admin would like to know if it possible to run the command to collect the inventory through a batch file or through Windows...

nalinih by Level 6
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Solved FNMEA 2018R1 will not connect to Agent 5.5

I have a fully functional FNMEA 2018R1 install connected to multiple 5.5 agents. I discovered a license server that was not included in FNMEA dashboard, did a clean install of the agent on the license server - All logs say Successful. I go back to th...

DKaleta by Level 3
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