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How can FNMS be retained if the OS is being upgraded?

Good Day CommunityI have a question around OS upgrades regarding FNMS. I will give an example. We have FNMS 2019 installed on a Windows Server 2012. We would like to upgrade the OS to Windows Server 2016 and at the same time retain FNMS. Can that be ...

vCenter Discovery Error

We are running into the error "Failed to enumerate domains for windows browser device discovery: The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available". This error appears in the discovery log files of a vCenter we are attempting to scan....

Full Recon failed after Upgrade to 2019 R1

Full Recon was failed after upgrade to 2019 R1. It timeout after 8 hrs. I have gone through below KB and increased timout value from 4 hrs to 8 hrs.

Install FNMS agent on FNMS infrastructure servers

Quick (hopefully) clarification on if the FNMS agents can be installed on your FNMS infrastructure servers (e.g. batch and beacon servers).My understanding previously was it was recommended NOT to install the FNMS agent on these servers as will cause...

inventory for Chrome Browser extensions

Google Chrome will allow any user to install a browser extension.  Some of these extensions have terms and conditions that will allow the use of information that I do not want to agree to.  In the cases where these exist I need to identify them and r...

Solved SaaS proof of entitlement entry

Hi all, I'm currently leading a piece of work to add all of our proof of entitlement into Flexera and have encountered an issue with SaaS orders. My organisation as yet, have not purchased the bolt on for flexera to recognise SaaS products, so as an ...

Unallocated vs Allocated | Licenses

Hello Dear Community,For licensing creation process in Flexera - I have a few questions that I would really appreciate your responses for:1) I do believe the license creation process in FNMS is a manual process - Yes or No? If No is it viable via Bus...

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FNMS App-V integration questions

Hi all,I'm working on an App-V 5.1 integration and have run into a few questions.First, there are two distinct App-V environments, both of which need to be inventoried but share software licenses. The docs state "For App-V release 5.0 and later, the ...