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Solved Business Adapter to audit Compliance Operators' respective roles, access, memberships, & permissions associated with the Web UI

Looking to create a business adapter which will import (add, update, or delete) Compliance Operators (table: ComplianceOperator) & respective tables that define the roles, permissions, groups, membership, & access in WebUI (examples listed in bottom ...

Why is my agent skipping Oracle Inventory?

Hi,I'm using FNMS 2019R2 and now trying to gather Oracle Inventory on AIX.The InventorySettings.xml is surely located in /var/opt/managesoft/tracker/inventorysettings/ but Oracle Inventory is skpped.What possible root cause can I expect?Regards,gotqc...

Values for drop-down list custom property

Hi,I have a question regarding Custom Properties in FNMS.When you create drop-down list custom property (UIFieldTypeID = is it possible to define dynamic query to return selectable values? Or it is only possible to store static list of values?The on...

marius by Level 6
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License and Maintenance Expiry Question

I need help figuring this out and for the life of me it does not make sense.As you can see in the screen shots, this shows up on my maintenance expiry list but we have clearly maintenance until 2022 which was recently processed.So is it showing up be...

Agent Scheduling for some agents only not all

Is there a a way to Schedule the agent to run at startup only for some machines for example the cloud servers only? something that can be configured on the agent settings side, not on the OS side.This so the rest of the agents still continue to run d...

License csv template issue

Hi Dear Community,I have been working on an automation process which creates licenses in Flexera. I am leveraging the csv templates and XMLs present in the beacon server for the cloud implementation that we have. I seem to have problems with this get...

Cloaky by Level 7
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Solved Inventory Group Settings - What happend if the Agent changed the subnet and is no longer part of the target group

Hello everbody, just have a discussion about how the Inventory Group Settings work under certain conditions.Initial situatio...

BIOS Data visible

Hello,In the ndi file I see the BIOS information availble from the server. Does any of you have experience to make this data visible in FNMS?Regards Frank 

FrankvH by Level 6
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