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In the OOB integration of FNMS with ServiceNow there are some servers which are in FNMS but in ServiceNow

What can be the possible reasons for them to not be exported to ServiceNow also are there any criteria for exporting inventory from FNMS to ServiceNow

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Hi @pkadam73 ,

Could you please elaborate your query on FNMS data export to service now.


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I need to know exactly which HW inventory was sent from FNMS to ServiceNow for a specific day
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If you're using the latest Flexera integration available in the ServiceNow store  it references the FNMS Integration Guide that provides the details about how to configure it (and the defaults), as well as where log files are placed. It's probably easiest to start investigating what's being exported and then go through the configuration settings to understand why some servers may be missing.

Please always feel free to open a support case if you need assistance troubleshooting.


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