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Inventory Device Name not as expected

Hi, We've been looking to match data exported from FNMS to import into our CMDB which takes feeds from a number of other systems.  While creating the reports we've found a few issues with matching by the inventory device name.  The main issue is the ...

Solved machine is not reporting

I have checked the installation and policy logs and found that program successfully exited. So what could be cause of agent is not reporting to Flexera.

Solved Error for invalid format(.ndi file)

Dear,I would like to ask anyone who can validate whether attached files are result from FNMS importing and reconciliation was 'invalid format error', anyone who can hlep me to correct these files?the oracle database version is 8i and inven...

o365 License\subscription expiry date missing

Hi All,We have configured m365 adapter on the beacon. connection got executed successfully.on checking output xml file LicenseCreateUpdate--110--Get Licenses from Office we noticed value for c1,c2,c3,c4 & c6 is available but c5 is missing. lo...

OS Version

We have FNMS 2019 R2 on-premise.We need Operating System Version in All Inventory tab. However OS Version field is available in NDI file, FNMSInventory Database but can't find it in FNMSCompliance DB. Even can't find it in Report field.

Solved Compliance logging retention setting?

Good morning!I was wondering if there was a configuration setting to manage the number of log files that are retained in the C:\Program Data\Flexera Software\Compliance\Logging\ folders.It sure would be nice to only keep XXX number of days instead of...

Solved User data from Active Directory

Hello,We currently have the Active Directory sync turned on to create Users, Computers and Subnets.Each night, we update our User records with additional information from another application as the AD sync didn't give us all the info we needed.I have...

Report Devices 64bits

Hello,I wish to report in flexera to detect 64-bit devices; could someone tell me where can i find this information in flexera?Thank you.

o365 connector, User impersonation Issue

Hi All,We have been trying to connect o365 connector via beacon and create power shell based new connection and choose to generate to token and while it points to username,  while we try and key in service account and click next, it tries to imperson...