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FNMS: System Tasks does not show Inventory adapter status

Dear Community, I have a cloud solution for FlexNet Manager Suite. I have been testing out some of the inventory adapters and the Discovery and Inventory rules in the UAT instance. For some reason, I do not see these come up on the System Tasks page. The beacon shows the last executed time indicating that the rule was in fact executed. However, it does not show up on the UI even after waiting a while. Is there some specific time it would take to update? This does not happen with business adapters. Thanks in advance!
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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

You should see information in the System Tasks page relatively quickly, and certainly within a day or so.

If you don't see anything then maybe the data from the adapters is not being successfully uploaded, or there is a problem with the beacon configuration that results in uploads being discarded. Have you investigated whether files containing extracted inventory data are being uploaded off the beacon?

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Thank you @ChrisG , looks like the task for uploading from the Beacon had some access issues and the upload wasn't successful. I could see it reflect the moment I manually ran the ndupload.