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Solved AD group member query business adapter.

I'm looking to see if anyone has a query they have used to pull in group membership through a business adapter on a beacon server.I need to pull all members of a specific group and assign them to software entitlements.I can't seem to get the filters ...

Solved FNMEA Classic Report Exports

Our customer is using a Grafana Dashboard Business Intelligence tool to expose data on software and hardware utilization. They want to be able to retrieve usage type reports and high water marks from FNMEA to their Grafana Dashboard. I do not want to...

afilla by Level 6
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Solved Where is the FNMS Ubuntu Agent?

How does one download the FNMS Agent for Ubuntu?  I noticed in the GatheringFlexNetInventory document, the documented install command is:     dpkg --install managesoft_[VERSION]_i386.debBut a debian package is not downloadable as an agent installer p...

Solved Revocation server offline error

Deploying agent to new beacon support internal SSL certificate.  Agent installs successfully completes with servers in same domain.Am testing on a server in different domain and receiving Revocation server offline error in the installation.log.  We h...

Solved Automatic upgrade of agents experiences

Hello Everyone,Recently we upgraded our on-premise FNMS installation to 2019R2 from 2018R2 version, and I was interested in the functionality of automatic agent upgrades.In the past we used to perform installations/upgrades using 3rd party tools, but...

JanPie by Level 6
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Solved License comsumption for Alteryx Designer

Hello.I'm looking for some advise working with a specific license, Alteryx Designer. We have set up the license. This product does have a SKU recognized by the ARL. We have a license key and the metric is Named Uset.Even though we have the license cr...

FlexNet 2020 R1 - agent auto upgrade

Hi, Has anyone managed to run the auto agent upgrade without any issues? I've got it running and having various problems with the upgrade either not running or failing and removing the installed agent. I've got a large proportion of the estate upgrad...

Relationship between AIX physical and virtual machines

Hi Forum,We have a requirement to establish relationship between the AIX physical boxes and the Virtual devices hosted on them. Is this possible by deploying an agent or do we have to do any integration like ILMT if available? can we see this under V...

winvarma by Level 10
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FNMEA and FlexNetLS License Server

Hello, At a customer site we have a product (ENVI) that is setup to server licenses via a "FlexNetLS" license. The software used to utilize FlexLM but this appears to be different. We are not sure how to configure it to feed FNMEA or if it is still F...

afilla by Level 6
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Solved FNMS recognition rules (file-evidence)

When multiple recognition rules apply for certain evidence - for instance "at-least-one" as well as "required"), which one prevails? How is the sequence being set-up? Or do both rules apply simultaneously and will this situation result into conflicts...