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Approval for data entry into FNMS


Is it possible to have  a manager approve the data entered into the FNMS system by a user such as below. 

  • User adds a new license and manager approves it subsequently
  • Junior admin adds a new FNMS user and the manager has to approve it 
  • Junior admin adds a new PO and the manager must approve it



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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

That's an interesting scenario! I can't think of any way to have the FNMS system itself drive a workflow like this. It sounds like a workflow that would have to be implemented through some other process outside the tool.

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Agreed. I've been thinking about a simple form website on IIS pushing PO data into a staging table. From there some data quality checking could be done and maybe a business import be used to push the data into FNMS. This could be made as complex as needed, maybe adding an autocomplete feature for convenience or regex-based checking to avoid wrong inputs.