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Installer Evidence shown after deinstallation

Hi everyone,After deinstalling applications, in the evidence tab, we still see a number of installed instances. The owners of the application argue that it has been decommissioned properly.Why do we still see the evidence? Thanks!

bnikol by Level 4
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Azure duplicated inventory

Hello,We have an on prem implementation with servers in Azure, the problem is that this servers from time to time, on a monthly bases are destroyed and recreated, when they are 1st installed with powershell script the agent is deployed. The problem i...

Solved FlexNet Inventory Agent 2020R2 versioning

Hello,can someone please explain me how versioning of the Flexera FlexNet Inventory Agent is done? On I see 16.0.1.On FNMS (on-p...


Invitation for UX Research in April & May

As the Flexera One UX team continues to create and implement new ideas, we would love to get your thoughts! Over the next few weeks, we're scheduling interview sessions that range from 30-60 minutes.  This is an opportunity to help us enhance our use...

ltaylor77 by Flexera Alumni
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Solved "Synchronize assigned user with calculated user" buggy?

Hi,I was just wondering, why in a customer's system there were 15k devices without an assigned user, while the "Synchronize assigned user with calculated user" option seems to be enabled in the Systems Settings.Interestingly enough, when clicking the...

mfranz by Level 16 Champion
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Installation and Consumption are not equal

Hello, we are trying to reconcile software consumption and installation with purchases for  our FNMS when we go to Licensed Software>>Applications, we can see the installation is 4.  (see screenshot). But when we go to the All licenses s...

License Keys Management

Hello. Our client wants to know which machine in their network uses the licence key of which entitlement.  so for example if they have  2 keys for the same product that is from publisher A. they want to know which endpoint uses the key for which lice...

Disable license notifications - Flexnet 2020 R1

Hi,We have just renewed and have reduced our device numbers - as we are now within 5% of the total we are getting "reminders" that we are within our license limit.Can this be switched off - or does it gradually stop coming up (seems to for me)?Thanks